Morrissey Urges Action From Uniqlo Over Actions By Aussie Sheep Farmers

    Poetic self loather and champion of all things Ovis, Morrissey continues his global animal rights campaign urging Japanese fashion company Uniqlo to stop using wool from Australian farmers. The former Smiths man, in conjunction with PETA, is angered at the farmers’ use of a controversial technique known as “mulesing”, in which chunks of flesh are cut from lambs to prevent maggot infestation. In a letter to the company Morrissey writes, “Years ago, I wrote a song called “Meat Is Murder” and today I’m tempted to write a follow-up called “Mulesing Is Misery”. Shears are used to cut huge chunks of skin and flesh from lambs’ backsides with little to no painkillers. The idea is to create a smooth scar that will not collect urine and feces, which attract flies, but the gaping, bloody wounds often become infested with maggots before they have time to heal.” The singer is keen to point out that there are other, more human ways to prevent infestation, and that a number of Australian wool farmers have begun adopting these.

    Since The Smiths’ 1985 classic “Meat Is Murder”, Morrissey has vehemently raised issues regarding the treatment of animals. Last year the singer inspired the Lokerse Feesten festival to go meat free on the day that he performed. Two years earlier, festival goers at Coachella were shocked to see the singer leave the stage midway through his set, unable to continue as he could “smell meat cooking”. Occasionally his comments have aroused criticism, controversially slamming the Chinese as a “subspecies” when referencing their treatment of circus and zoo animals, and more recently at a concert in Warsaw, comparing the actions of fast food joints to Andres Breivik’s massacre in Oslo last July.

    For a full transcript of the letter click here via Fact.