Morrissey Tells Of His “Supreme 13 Singles”

    It might be a little hard to stomach the ramblings of former Smiths singer Morrissey, considering the recent prejudicial comments he made (which won’t be linked here, mostly because it’s not worth the trouble to find a link).


    Nonetheless, the guy has made some great music and is an important pop culture figure, blah, blah, blah. If you care, he recently listed his 13 favorite singles with Twenty Four Bit, which put out streams of the songs. Morrissey did this in “celebration” of a deluxe reissue of his 1998 single “Every Day Is Like Sunday” (translation: he’s on a promotional jaunt).


    Anyway, his favorite single is not surprisingly by his longtime fave band, the New York Dolls, about whom he once penned a book. There are also some obscurities and old pop tracks only Brits would probably know or care to remember (like Shocking Blue’s “Mighty Joe”).


    [Twenty Four Bit]