Morrissey splits with manager, label, publicist, world

    Morrissey is either the only sincere man left in alternative rock or Steve Albini’s only real competition for indie rock’s World’s Biggest Asshole title; the truth probably lies somewhere in between. Between Memorial Day and Labor Day, Morrissey fired his manager, left his label and is currently without any distribution in the U.S., had a spat with the Rascals over backstage meat, launched an all-out assault on Warner Brothers over a concert DVD, and saw the death of the producer of his as-of-now unreleased new album Year of Refusal. What did you do this summer?


    Determined to start the fall on a similarly awful note, Morrissey has fired his most recent manager after just 3 months. Morrissey signed with the firm ie:music on May 27 after a fallout with Merck Mercuriadis. The details of the latest split are unknown, but we can probably expect a loud, public explanation from Morrissey sooner or later.


    Is there anyone left for Morrissey to split with? Thank God he’s celibate, I can’t begin to imagine the torrid love affairs and violent break-ups this man would have otherwise. Pending a sudden turnaround, Year of Refusal may enter Chinese Democracy delay status. Alternatively, he could wait until the end of the year to release the aptly-titled album, and this would all just be an ingenious marketing tactic. Does that make it all go away? [Billboard]