Morrissey Says He Will Retire From Music In Two Years

    After 30 years in the music business, Morrissey is ready to call it quits…in 2 years.  The 53-year-old English musician, whose career started in 1982 with The Smiths, says he will retire at age 55 due to “aging a lot recently.” During Morrissey’s long solo career, he released nine studio albums and eight singles including “Pretty Girls Make Graves” and “Everyday is Like Sunday.” The singer hasn’t released an album since Year of Refusal after indiciating frustration with record labels, and has been focusing more on his live shows than his recordings.  Meanwhile, we’ll keep an eye on the news for Morrissey’s upcoming court date for his libel case against NME.

    Is Morrissey long overdue for retirement, or will you be sad to see him go?