Morrissey Is On Google Earth, Naturally

    So, there is this thing called Google Earth, and it allows you to walk around parts of the globe in 3D. It also allows users to upload stuff to it, because that’s what happens on the planet? People can put things where they want. 

    But here’s where it gets nutty: People have started putting images of the Blues Brothers and the Crocodile Hunter into Google Earth, creating Easter Eggs for dorks looking to see if Jake and Elwood are really outside of the pen in Joliet. 

    And here, finally, is where this is related to you, and your love of the Smiths: Someone has uploaded a photo of Morrissey into Google Earth, and it can be found outside of the Salford Lads Club, a Manchester club that’s in the “Stop Me if You’ve Heard This One Before” video. You can look at it over here. 

    My favorite part? The fact that people are reviewing the club on Google Reviews, and someone–who is obviously a Smiths superfan for looking at it anyway–gave it less than five stars. Great work all around, nerds. [Stereogum]