Morrissey Heckles German Fan (Video)


    It’s unlikely that Morrissey is having a hugely enjoyable time on his current tour. First, he was hospitalized. Then, he was hit by a flying cup of beer and called a premature halt to a concert in Liverpool. On Tuesday (Nov. 17) this week a further incident occurred in Hamburg, when Morrissey made an uncharacteristic outburst toward a fan.


    Now, a video of the altercation has emerged. It is alleged that the fan in question yelled “fuck you” at the former Smith singer after he made a joke about hamburgers, and the clip begins with Morrissey asking him to leave the venue. Morrissey then says: “And you can fuck yourself,” before launching into a version of the Smiths’ “Ask,” which famously begins with the line: “Shyness is nice.”