Morrissey Claims Coachella Offered To Go 100% Vegetarian In Return For The Smiths Reunion

    During a recent interview with Australia’s Herald Sun, former Smiths front man, Morrissey, talked about Coachella’s way of trying to secure a Smiths reunion. 

    The British crooner performed solo at 2009’s festival and complained about the stench of burning flesh from a nearby barbeque (he’s hardcore vegetarian), but he claims that the agents for Coachella offered a 100% vegetarian event for the following year if he agreed to headline with Johnny Marr as The Smiths. 

    “Fascinatingly they made it clear that they would ‘not require’ The Smiths’ bass player or drummer…which I thought certainly said something,” Morrissey told Herald Sun

    The band reunion bug has been nipping at legends from yesteryear’s ankles more and more as of late, and Coachella seems to be swarming more than other events. The Smiths reunion would be one of epic proportions, and every so often the rumors buzz that something may happen. Marr has commented “If this goverment stepped down, I’d reform the band. How’s that? That’s a fair trade, isn’t it?”

    Viva La Revolucion?