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More Diddy hilarity

Strip your pants off and get ready for a danceoff! Because Diddy said so. And when Diddy demands, it gets done. Like that whole Vote or Die thing. Remember that? How many carcasses of conscientious abstainees were littered on the ground after November 2, 2004? Oh right, none.
Anyhoo, Diddy's latest in a gutbusting string of videos he's posted on his MySpace lays out the rules for a dance contest his strange brain has thought up. They are as follows:
1) Make a 1-3 minute video of yourself dancing to Diddy's new single "Get Off."
2) Upload the video to MySpace video and YouTube with the tags Dance, James Brown, Press Play, and Diddy.
3) At the end of each week, the clips Diddy deems the hottest will be feature on his MySpace.
4) At the end of four weeks, whichever clip garners the most views will be the winner. The winning contestant will be "laced up with a HOT Diddy prize pack" (the man's exact words).
Dear Diddy: please keep entertaining us with your antics. The next move is yours, good sir...
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Did Diddy just discover streaming video and Myspace or something. The guy went from having slight/little presence on the internet to being plastered all over the thing. I'm kinda impressed.

Dave Park

Biggest. Clown. Ever. I wish his new campaign was reduced to one word = Die.


Yeah, he's like the Hugo Chavez of the rap world. We're all laughing at him, right? There's absolutely no one who takes him seriously anymore, is there?

John Zeiss

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