More Details On New Swans Album Emerge

    Michael Gira has already bellowed in our collective ears that the new Swans album “IS NOT A REUNION,” but while we struggle to think of what to call it (a reconvening? A get-together of old buddies?), further details on that record have now surfaced. Gira’s own Young God label will release My Father Will Guide Me Up A Rope To The Sky on September 21.


    That mooted Devendra Banhart collaboration—Gira released some of Banhart’s earlier albums—will be on a pleasant little ditty titled “You Fucking People Make Me Sick,” which suggests a return to the ill-feeling of older Swans records like “Raping a Slave.” The Banhart track also reportedly features Gira’s three year-old daughter, Saoirse, who is presumably growing up fast.


    Track listing for My Father Will Guide Me Up A Rope To The Sky:


    01No Words/No Thoughts

    02 Reeling The Liars In

    03 Jim

    04 My Birth

    05 You Fucking People Make Me Sick

    06 Inside Madeline

    07 Eden Prison

    08 Little Mouth


    [via Tiny Mix Tapes]