Montell Jordan Owes The IRS Over $600,000

    Did you know hat to record “This is How We Do It,”  Montell Jordan dropped out of law school. We can thank VH1 pop-up video for that bit of information. Well, now VH1 can add one more fun-fact to their pop-ups (is that show still on?), turns out Jordan is in trouble with the government for missing some tax payments.

    As recently reported, Jordan owes over $600,000 in back taxes for income earned between 1999-2001. In 2004, a Federal Tax Lien was filed against him in 2004 but Jordan still failed to pay the back taxes. Well, just this month, the IRS filed another lien against Jordan. If he fails to pay up this time around, the government can cease Jordan’s property.

    Also, while we are on the subject of “This Is How We Do It,” did anyone else ever think it’s funny that he talks about having a designated driver in that song? Sorry, just found that amusing for a “Big G” like Jordan. Not that we support drunk-driving or anything. [TMZ]