Monotonix Not Really Breaking Up, Just Taking Time Off

    It turns out yesterday’s reports of Monotonix breaking up were exaggerated: According to a statement in the Village Voice, the band is actually just going to be taking an “extended” break so the band can focus on their families. 

    Reports that they are breaking up are a little exaggerated . . . What’s really going down is Haggai, the drummer, has a kid on the way, and Ami wants to spend some more time with his family, so this will be their final tour for a while. But they are not looking at it as the end of the band or touring for good. Just an extended break to focus on the other parts of their lives. That said, I know they are putting tons of energy into this tour to really make it one to remember…

    So yeah, go catch them on tour while you can. I heard babies are pretty time consuming, so it could be a while before Monotonix go back on tour. [VV]