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Money Hungry Black Francis Now Streaming Entire Solo Catalog, Confounding Critics

Mere days after Black Francis was pilloried by holier-than-thou fans of his music for suggesting he wanted a healthy paycheck for a Pixies reunion, his entire solo catalog has gone live on his website. For zero dollars and zero cents, users can peruse everything from Frank Black, Francis' first post-Pixies release, to Petit Fours and the Lovesick EP, his collaborations with wife Violet Clark as Grand Duchy. What remains to be seen, of course, is how the diabolical mastermind that is Black Francis will turn this seemingly gracious gesture to his own monetary advantage. Maybe people listening to his music will feel led to buy it. The horror! [TwentyFourBit]

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Black Francis

I, for one, am glad to see at least one of this world's so-called "artists" has learned that they must perform and toil for me, for free, forever, with only my kind thoughts as remuneration. What else do they need?!?!?!

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