Mogwai Shares “Remurdered” From ‘Rave Tapes’

    For almost two decades, Mogwai has been churning out post-rock  anthems without becoming a victim of triteness. On January 21, 2014, the great Scots will release the follow-up to 2011’s Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will (that is if you don’t count the soundtrack album for the supernatural thriller series, Les Revenants, which came out February of this year). HWND,BYW featured a track, “George Square Thatcher Death Party”, which saw a boost in play when the former prime minister of UK, Margaret Thatcher, passed away this past April. There is something eerie about the premonitory, celebratory number. The tracklist for Rave Tapes forecasts a spooky audible treat and for a taste of what’s to come, the Glaswegians have posted “Remurdered” on their soundcloud page. Just in time for Halloween, the band infamous for deafening live shows with a myriad of guitars, Mogwai lets the synth take the spotlight, which may evoke scenes from Dario Argento films for some listeners.

    Rave Tapes Tracklist

    1. Heard About You Last night
    2. Simon Ferocious
    3. Remurdered
    4. Hexon Bogon
    5. Repelish
    6. Master Card
    7. Deesh
    8. Blues Hour
    9. No Medicine For Regret
    10. The Lord Is Out Of Control

    Rave Tapes will be available in CD, LP, digital and limited edition box set (LP, exclusive 12″, a book of studio photography by Steve Gullick, 3 x 12″ x 12″ art prints, a 7″ and a CD version of the album) on Sub Pop (North America) and Rock Action Records (UK & EU), on January 20/21, 2014.