Mogwai and Roky Erickson team up for EP

    Mogwai is one of the bands selected by Kevin Shields to play the inaugural New York incarnation of ATP on September 21. The band is making sure that its fans don’t have much of their hearing left by releasing a new album, The Hawk is Howling, in the week following the festival. But prior to both these events comes a new Mogwai EP, titled Batcat, which is due on September 8.

    The EP features three tracks, one of which bears the title “Stupid Prick Gets Chased by the Police and Loses His Slut Girlfriend.” Nice. The two other tracks bear the relatively normal titles “Batcat” and “Devil Rides.” The latter should be particularly interesting as it features the vocals of formerly reclusive 13th Floor Elevators frontman Roky Erickson. Mogwai also recently reissued its debut album, Young Team, in an expanded format.