Modest Mouse to Finally Release “Satellite Skin” Single

    As some may remember, Modest Mouse was supposed to release a 7-inch on Record Store Day back in April. It was supposed to contain two new songs, “Satellite Skin” and “Guilty Cocker Spaniels,” and it was supposed to be a pretty rare release. Well, April 18 came and went and though there was a glut of great releases, a Modest Mouse 7-inch was not counted among them.


    But now it looks like Isaac Brock and company will finally release the single on May 26. It will still include the same two tracks, and it will still be pretty rare. The 7-inch will be limited to 4000 copies, and will be pressed on orange vinyl. So yeah, it still sounds pretty cool. And it should still be the first of four 7-inches the band will put out leading up to the (supposed) August release of their new EP, No One’s First and You’re Next. In the meantime, the band will premiere a video for “Satellite Skin” on their MySpace page on May 15.