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Mixwit lets you get all High Fidelity on the Internet

As Nick Hornby observed, there really isn’t a more important mode of communication between the sexes than the mix tape. Though online music has made burning a CD the new way to share tunes with the object of your affection, the good folks at Mixwit are bringing back a little bit of the old school. Their website allows users to create a playlist form a large selection of music stored on then site, which includes everyone from The New Pornographers and M.I.A. to Mr. Kenny Rogers.  The “mix tape” can then be personalized for that special someone using a photo or stored art. Mixes can be posted on Facebook, MySpace, Blogger, or other sites or e-mailed to…you know. 

- Emo kids attacked in the streets of Mexico Axl Rose, Guns N' Roses Dr Pepper willing to pony up for Chinese Democracy

Great write up Mike!

Lot's of love from the Mixwit Team.


Haven't tried it yet, but it seems like a cool idea.

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