Mixtape, Not Mix Tape: A Writer Rejoices

    We at Prefix use the word “mixtape” a lot—just about an hour ago, we announced Sir Michael Rocks’ new mixtape—but for one music critic at the Chicago Reader, writing about mixtapes was downright painful thanks to the Reader‘s style guide, which dictated that mixtape should be spelled “mix tape.” Holy awkward space, Batman!

    Once Miles Raymer realized the Merriam-Webster dictionary allows “mixtape” to be one word (it previously designated it as two), he got the Reader to change the style guide, and now he’s happy as a clam. Writes Raymer:

    “I have been forced on an almost weekly basis to refer to [mixtapes] as ‘mix tapes,’ which goes against the way it’s styled by almost every rapper, DJ, rap fan, indie-rock band, journalist, et cetera in existence. And every single time I have hated doing so… I am now free to use “mixtape” in the Reader like a civilized human being.”

    One small step for Raymer, one giant leap for music blogs. [The Daily Swarm]