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Mitt Romney Fights LMFAO Dude On Plane, No One Wins

Sky Blu, one half of the worst party rock band ever, LMFAO, recently had the experience of a lifetime: Dude got into a fight with Mitt Romney on an airplane.


According to Blu, he was tired after living it up in Vancouver for the Olympics, and after boarding a plane to go home, he put a jacket on his face, and leaned his seat back a bit to take a nap. That's when the guy behind him started pleading for him to put his seat up and then put his hand on his shoulder and demanded it. When Blu knocked his hand away, the guy's wife started yelling for a flight attendant, and when Blu turned around, he realized the guy that was harassing him was none other than Mitt Romney. Nothing really came of the dispute, unfortunately.


It's obvious that both parties lose, as Romney basically started living out a Jerry Seinfeld routine ("What's the deal with people leaning back in airplanes? I mean, my legs are cramping!") and Blu loses for being one half of LMFAO. Actually, Romney wins, by a hair. [Daily Swarm]  

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Actually Romney does not win by a hair. Romney has been arrested before and handcuffed for going into a rage when not getting his way.

All the incident shows is Romney is too unstable to be POTUS


actually, blu def. takes the win. LMFAO is the sweetest damn party band ever! how could anyone not like em!? eff that, LMFAO wins and blu shoulda punched romney in the face


Romney was never arrested. Stop your making stuff up.

Do you think these two were the only ones on the plane and yet who gets kicked off?

Hey just because you get hangover from partying to much does not give you the right to be an a,, hole


ROMNEY WINS. A 62 year old man takes on a rapper. I want this guy to take on Obama.


No way, Brent. Romney is a spoiled brat who starts to swing when he gets pissed off. How psychologically stable must he be to get all hot and bothered about somebody failing to put up his seat during a take off? Any normal person who have minded his own business.


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