Missy Elliott, Timbaland Question Drake-Aaliyah Project

    Earlier this summer, it was announced that Drake and his producer Noah “40” Shebib would create a new Aaliyah album based around unreleased snippets from the late singer’s archives. This raised a lot of eyebrows in the hip-hop world, especially since many speculate that Aaliyah’s family is not fully on-board.

    Now Timbaland and Missy Elliott, two of Aaliyah’s closest musical compatriots, have sounded off on the project. Speaking to Hot 97’s Angie Martinez, the pair expressed their mild displeasure at the planned album. Timbaland doesn’t think it will actually get off the ground, stating “I think it’s blown out of proportion.” He also questioned the truth of Drake’s much-publicized Aaliyah tattoo and why he would get one if he’d never even known her.

    Elliott was more equivocal, stating, “He’s a human being too and a lot of people might not have met Michael Jackson, but feel a connection with him.” She did express her serious misgivings about the album, considering how close she was to Aaliyah:

    “My response would be a little different because I have to respect her family and until they come and say, ‘We’re ready to do an Aaliyah album,’ then I don’t really want to try and get into that because it’s really sensitive…We’re talking about unfinished music and we don’t know her reasoning for not putting those records out. Maybe she didn’t feel like they were her best work. We don’t want to tap into that. It’s spiritually something else, very, very touchy—unless her parents came in and conducted that.”


    Update: Hot97 has uploaded video of the interview. Watch below: