Minnesota Supergroup Marijuana Deathsquads Release Free Mix Tape

    Minneapolis producer Ryan Olson must have really big sleepovers. The engineer behind Gayngs, Poliça, Marijuana Deathsquads and apparent lover of weed and vaginas is best known for making music with his friends–all 25 of them. At once. His bands–less bands as they are ensembles–feature a revolving roster of “who’s who” in the greater Midwest (Justin Vernon, Har Mar Superstar, Zack Coulter of Solid Gold to name a few). Marijuana Deathsquads, Olson’s earlier ensemble, hand out their latest release: a 10-song digital “mix tape” available for streaming and free download.

    Tamper, Disable, Destroy pares down the band’s synth-heavy fuzz tones for a mix of hip-hop and electro grooves, yet still retains a blurry last call feel (fitting, since all tracks were recorded at “afta after parties”).

    Photo Credit: Tell All Your Friends PR