Ministry ready remix collection, final album

    After more than a quarter century scaring the wits out of your parents, industrial metal outfit Ministry is set to hang up the pentagram after the release of the band’s last album in September. It’s called The Last Sucker, and is scheduled for release September 18 (apparently Al Jourgensen isn’t so crazy he’d release it on September 11) on 13th Planet Records. It’s not just the final Ministry album, it’s also the final in an anti-George W. Bush trilogy of albums from the band. (Witness Jourgensen flipping the bird to a Bush effigy in the accompanying picture.)
    Before that swan song, July 10 will bring an album of remixed tracks from Ministry’s album from last year, Rio Grande Blood. Members of Fear Factory and Revolting Cocks are among the artists remixing Ministry’s songs.
    The band is expected to undertake a farewell tour around the time of Last‘s release. For the truly insane, that’s not to be missed.
    Ministry Prepare Final Album And Dub Collection (Chart Attack)