Mindy Kaling Shares The Stories Behind Her Best Tweets, From Slug Lines To Sexual Harassment

    Mindy Kaling, former Office writer/star and the creator/star of the new sitcom The Mindy Project, has over 1.8 million Twitter followers, and with good reason. Her tweets are just as quirky and hilarious as her onscreen persona, in one-liner format.

    Kaling told Rolling Stone the backstories behind a few of her best tweets, from her crushes on all the male Avengers to her love for slug lines. Her explanations are just as funny as the tweets themselves, except she has more than 140 characters to work with.

    In relation to her tweet suggesting celebrities should sing famous songs when being followed by paparazzi, Kaling explains that “any reference to anything recognizable requires a 20-minute coversation with a corporate attorney. Sometimes you’re like, ‘Can the sun be in the frame of the TV or do we have to clear it through the sun’s attorney?'”

    Kaling also explains the secrets behind her tweet about sexual harassment meetings, where comedy writers usually make jokes and prolong the meeting. Kaling says Universal shows clips from their shows featuring “inappropriate behavior.” She adds that there are a lot of Michael Scott moments from The Office.

    As for Kaling’s affection for slug lines, the information at the start of a scene in a script explaining the setting of the action, she gushes, “It requires barely any creativity and it seems like you’ve accomplished something.”