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Milli Vanilli Biopic in Production


Variety is reporting that Universal is in the beginning stages of production on a biopic about famous lip-syncers Milli Vanilli. The script will be written by Jeff Nathanson, most famous for writing Catch Me If You Can, and has the blessing of surviving member Fabrice Moran and the estate of deceased singer Rob Pilatus. The film will follow Milli Vanilli's decision to lip-sync songs recorded by other singers to get famous, and the legendary fallout that ended with the group having their Grammy rescinded and the depression that led to Pilatus' suicide. No word on if they'll have someone do voiceovers for all the dialogue (sorry).  [Variety]

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Milli Vanilli

I'm gonna watch this. Seriously.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/daba/me-bermudajpg.jpg Daba

Me too.

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