Miley Cyrus Kinda Hates Radiohead (Audio)


    First it was Kanye feeling snubbed by Radiohead at the Grammys, and now it’s marble-mouthed pop singer Miley Cyrus. On some really horrible syndicated radio this week, Cyrus started talking about some band that supposedly treated her bad at the Grammys by not taking the time to "hang out" with her like Chris Martin of Coldplay did. That band: Radiohead. 


    Miley starts by saying that she would "break down and cry" if she got to see a certain band (since she’s worried about offending people) at the Grammys, but she was told by their people that they don’t do that kind of thing. Miley sees this as insulting, but she apparently can’t understand that to Radiohead, she’s an annoying teenage fan who they wouldn’t want to waste their time talking to while they’re trying to get ready to perform. And judging by this appearance, they’re right with their assessment.


    Before we get to the reveal that Radiohead is the band, the DJs try to guess who it is (by dropping relvant acts like Boyz II Men) and Miley spends a lot of time talking really fast and sounding like she has a mouth full of oatmeal. Miley also talks about how Kings of Leon might have a dad that is a preacher (totally true), and a DJ tells her "Sex on Fire" is the best song ever. Which it is not. 


    From a basic level, this may be the worst, most annoying, and least entertaining thing I’ve ever listened to. Seriously. Cyrus has easily the worst voice in the history of horrible voices. Plus, a DJ doesn’t know Radiohead near the end, which is kind of indicative of why regular radio is the pits. [Stereogum