Miley Cyrus Has An Interesting Interview With Matt Lauer Promoting Her New Album ‘Bangerz’

    “It went exactly as planned. I mean, it’s a month later and we’re still talking about it.” That’s a quote from controversial pop star Miley Cyrus in an interview on The Today Show. The response stems from Matt Lauer questioning did her now-infamous MTV VMA’s performance go according to schedule.

    I’ve told people before, if you’re still talking about her performance, or her sexual innuendo, that means she’s done her job as an entertainer. According to the video, Matt Lauer appeared to not have known what he was getting into interviewing the shock-worthy Cyrus.

    Check the clip below for more notable quotes and questions, such as when Lauer asks when will Cyrus “sexual phase” eventually run out and her response at about the 2:40 mark.