Miley Cyrus: Everyday I write the book

    In an effort to truly become the queen of all media, Miley Cyrus, ubiquitous teen star of stage, screen, and, um, whatever you call those circular metal objects with music on them, is expected to release an autobiographical account of her life and her journey to stardom. Expectations of ghost-writing are already running rampant, of course, but in any case, considering that Cyrus is only 15, and has probably only been tying her own shoelaces since about 1998, we are not expecting a lengthy tome.

    In fact, it should sit nicely with some of the other concise music-related publications about which rumors have been floating recently, such as:


    Mr. Clean: Living the Straight-Edge Life by Pete Doherty


    Digital Schmigital: the Rosy Future of the Old-School Music Biz


    Meat is Murder: A Vegetarian Cookbook by Ted Nugent


    Keep it Simple: The Guide to Writing Monosyllabic Lyrics by Colin Meloy


    Staying in the Game: How to Keep a Prolific Recording Career Alive by Axl Rose with Kevin Shields 


    Kids, start queuing up at your local library now!