Mild Bruno Mars Arrested For Cocaine Possession

    Hate to borrow from another writer’s Twitter, but our Craig Jenkins said it best: Bruno Mars arrested for cocaine possession? Finally an incarceration we can get behind. That’s right, the dude behind the lamest choruses on the lamest “hip-hop” songs of the quarter* was arrested in Las Vegas for cocaine possession this weekend, after police caught him with two grams of white powder. Two grams is no joke. Or at least I think. I don’t have Travie McCoy fronting me checks to buy cocaine with, so I have no idea how much two grams is. A lot? Maybe? At any rate, how infuriating is it that Bruno Mars had to put on his Mr. Cool Man face for his mugshot? He should be looking like Phil Spector, not like a high school yearbook photo. Mars is out on bail, and will presumably face charges at a later date. [Billboard]


    *- That’s B.o.B.’s “Nothin On You” and Travie McCoy’s “Whatever the Hell that Horrible Song On The Radio Is Called”