Mike Watt: The Stooges Are Working On New Music

    Iggy And The Stooges’ 2007 comeback clunker The Weirdness did not bode well for the group, and neither did the death of guitarist Ron Asheton in 2009. Yet bassist Mike Watt has intimated that the group is currently working on new material.

    Speaking to Rolling Stone, Watt talked about working again with James Williamson, the former Stooges guitarist who reunited with the band following Asheton’s death:

    “I’ll tell you this: James Williamson a few months ago had me put bass on nine songs that he gave to Ig [Iggy Pop] and Ig is writing up words. So I just know there are new tunes and in fact in November he wants me to do some more. I don’t know about some album or whatever or what the plan is with that stuff, but very interesting.”

    Very interesting, indeed. It would be the first Stooges material Williamson has worked on since Raw Power, which was the guitarist’s tour-de-force after Asheton was moved to bass. The band is playing this weekend at Chicago’s Riot Fest alongside Elvis Costello, Rise Against, and the Descendants.