Mike Love Claiming That Brian Wilson Will Reunite With The Beach Boys

    The Beach Boys will be celebrating their 50th anniversary as a band (though about 35 of those years don’t actually count) next year, and seeing the opportunity to make some serious bank, Mike Love has started talking up the group’s new project: He’s claiming in news stories that Brian Wilson will be rejoining the band he essentially left in the late ’60s, once he finishes up a George Gershwin album. 

    “We’re gearing up for the 50th anniversary and Brian Wilson, who has been working on some unfinished Gershwin music project, will rejoin us. “I’m sad that Carl Wilson passed away 11, 12 years ago from the same lung cancer problem that claimed the life of George Harrison. That was not a fun time for us.”

    Way to tie yourself to more talented dead guys, dude. But still, can anyone actually picture a universe where Wilson rejoins with the Boys? He’s been fighting them over the use of the name for years, and he has performed only sporadically (which is putting it nicely) in the last 30 years. I guess we’ll see next year. [Spinner]