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Mike D Becomes Wine Blogger

I have a friend who won't listen to Beastie Boys anymore because he says they've become elitists, in that they're no longer bratty punks trying out hip-hop/rock; they're just rich dudes who rap now.* My buddy's going to be vindicated with this: Mike D has taked up a new passion, and it's blogging about wine. Seriously. Dude is going to be writing blog posts at James Suckling's Wine Blog, writing about different wines he tries. I guess. I'm not sure what a wine critic can write about, so I'm assuming here. But yeah. Go here to see the site where your notions of Mike D go to die. [CoS]  


*- He also says this about Jay-Z, which also sort of makes sense. They're both like classic rock now. 

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Beastie Boys

Your friend sucks. Getting paid to drink alcohol is the greatest career move ever.

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Like I said, I guess his point is sort of valid in that they both aren't "hungry" anymore, but I don't agree with hating on them (except for Empire State of Mind)

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Agreed, but rappers who are funny about being rich and do classic rich things (like appear on Forbes or blog about wine) are my favorite kind of old rich rappers. This is 10x better than whatever Nas is doing.

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Also: Drinking! Getting paid to do drinking! That is such a great thing! I am so jealous.

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