Miesha “Cupcake” Tate Explains Her New Nickname

    Miesha Tate’s decision to change her moniker from “Takedown” to “Cupcake” was seen as odd by some MMA diehards, but the new nickname is perfectly fitting when you consider her evolution from a somewhat predictable wrestler to a well-rounded mixed martial artist.

    “Takedown” was a reference to her days as a high school wrestler, where she made a name for herself by wrestling against boys much bigger than her.

      Now at age 26, Tate has plenty more in her bag of tricks than just double-leg takedowns, sit out escapes and other wrestling techniques learned in her teenage years.

    “I’ve been in mixed martial arts a lot longer than I’ve been wrestling for, and I’ve evolved as a fighter,” she said in an mmamania.com interview.  “And I also feel I’ve learned a lot more about myself as a person, especially this last fight.”

    Tate utilized a loaded arsenal of jabs, leg kicks, lateral movement and submission attempts, to ultimately come away with the victory over Kedzie. 

    “After a lot of consideration, I wanted to embrace that I’m more than just a wrestler,” she said.  “My old nickname was ‘Takedown.’  That’s what I did every fight and that kind of fit the whole wrestling theme because I wrestled with guys in high school and yada, yada, yada.”

    Tate explained that her new nickname is all about having a new attitude and a positive outlook, not letting emotions get in the way of putting in top-quality performances in the cage.  “I just want to have a fun nickname, have a fun mentality again.”