Middle-Aged Woman Raps Like A…Middle-Aged Woman (Video)

    Here’s another Christmas themed news item, as in: “Merry Christmas, dear sense of humor” or “Sorry you were naughty, ears.” This self-proclaimed middle-aged woman, apparently (oh god, apparently), is an amateur rapper/poet who was asked to perform her rap/poetry in some sort of public space. (She’s also peddling her self-published book of poetry titled Technicolor Hans and Other Events. Read an excerpt.)

    Things get more surreal around the :50 mark, when Rebecca Davis (yes, she has a name that isn’t “Middle-Aged Woman, Rapper, Hip Hop Style”) makes a feeble attempt to beatbox and then immediately exits the stage. At one point she actually rap-reads from her book (“Neil Diamond fans, eat this one UP”). Just watch, okay? 

    Please note: all proceeds from the book purchase go to charity. And Rebecca L. Davis is probably self-aware enough to know she’s making everyone uncomfortable. However, this does not make her rapping skill(z) any less GLARING WHITE, nor does it excuse her from the pain she’s inflicted on our minds. [Vulture]