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Mid-year touring report indicates concertgoers sticking with known quantities

Though touring has suffered due to rising energy costs, a few acts have registered a profitable first half of 2008. Predictably, the big winners were large acts filling arenas with the promise of a definite greatest hits package. Leading the pack was Bon Jovi, who toured North America and the Pacific Rim to the tune of $112 million dollars, and the Spice Girls, whose reunion tour netted the group a comfy $70 million dollars for forty-five shows. Though both of those numbers are impressive, the eventual sweepstakes winners will probably be the Police. Their ‘final’ concert swing, which also had record grosses in 2007, includes a summer amphitheatre run that will bring the grand total for the tour to a staggering $359 million dollars, making it the third highest grossing tour of all time. It seems that having a good catalog in the first place might help on the greatest hits arena tour. [Billboard]
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