Mick Taylor Denies Wanting to Sue Rolling Stones, Still BFFs with Mick and Keith

    Former Rolling Stones guitarist Mick Taylor has had his management respond to the story that surfaced this weekend that claimed that he’s broke and is owed royalties, claiming that the story featured misrepresentations of his life.


    You can imagine the shock, horror and disbelief when that article came out in the Daily Mail. The emphasis of the article was that Mick as some kind of run-down, down-and-out tramp living in Suffolk. The reality is that Mick’s having the house done up,” Taylor’s management said. “Mick is living in Holland at the moment with his girlfriend.”

    Taylor’s manager also wanted ot make sure that his client and Jagger and Richards are still totally BFFs:


    “In fact, the last time we met up with them, him and Keith [Richards guitarist] were like long-lost lovers – hugging each other and happy to see each other. When Mick was ill either six or eight weeks ago with some kind of chest complaint, Mick Jagger had his office phone up to see what was going on, and then he phoned up the hospital just to check on Mick because they were worried about him. So there’s absolutely no animosity between Mick and the Stones.”

    So apparently: Micky Taylor=totally cool with the Stones and his money is fine. [NME]