Mick Jones of the Clash Becomes a Librarian, of Sorts

    Don’t expect any book clubs to meet at Mick Jones’s lilbrary. His Rock n Roll Public Library has the mission of being a “guerrilla-library,” an archive of Clash and other musical paraphernalia (roughly 10,000 pieces) now given public display so that Jones can control his own artistic legacy. Envisioned as an alternative to corporate exhibits such as the British Music Experience, it allows visitors to scan some objects and store them on a memory stick. If this seems like it might discourage repeat visits, it probably will, but sadly the Rock n Roll Public Library is not a permanent fixture. The library will be up until August 25 (it started July 18), giving the public five weeks to scan enough material to open their own music library.


    I hope someone does. With record stores vanishing, where else are people supposed to go to drool over t-shirts, posters, and ticket stubs of years past with like-minded people?


    [TheClash.com via BoingBoing]