Birthday Partier/Bad Seed Mick Harvey returning with new solo album

    July 31 is the slated release date for the new solo album from Mick Harvey, the longtime Nick Cave collaborator who has played alongside Cave in both the Birthday Party and the Bad Seeds. Entitled Two of Diamonds, the album will be released by Mute. It’s the follow up to 2005’s One Man’s Treasure. (Apparently Harvey has a thing for valuable commodities; but then again, who doesnt?) It’s a mix of Harvey originals and covers, including his take on Lou Reed’s iconic “A Walk on the Wild Side.” Harvey recorded the album in Melbourne, Australia with musicians including fellow Bad Seed James Johnston and Rob Ellis, a regular backup player for P.J. Harvey. Harvey’s only tour dates for now are in Europe.
    Follow on after the jump for the tracklist to Two of Diamonds…[more:]
    1. Photograph
    2. I Don’t Want You On My Mind
    3. Sad Dark Eyes
    4. Here I Am
    5. Blue Arrows
    6. No Doubt
    7. Everything Is Fixed
    8. A Walk On The Wild Side
    9. Little Star
    10. Slow-Motion Movie Star
    11. Out Of Time Man
    12. Home Is Far From Here