Michael Rapaport Thinks Q-Tip Is Nervous About A Tribe Called Quest Doc

    Just two days after the trailer for Michael Rapaport’s A Tribe Called Quest documentary leaked to the web, it became clear that at least one member of the seminal hip-hop group wasn’t happy with the final version of Beats Rhymes & Life. Q-Tip, who is one of the film’s producers, took to his Twitter account to proclaim that he would not be supporting the documentary because the “filmmaker should respect the band to the point of honoring the few requests that’s was made abt the piece. The filmmaker shld respect the band enough to honor our request regarding the the film.” Any spelling mistakes in there are Tip’s own and likely just a means of cramming his thoughts into a few tweets.


    Since then, though, further discussion of Beats Rhymes & Life had essentially ceased. But that all changed yesterday when MTV’s RapFix spoke with Rapaport, who will be showcasing the film at this year’s Sundance Film Festival. The following quote from the actor-director is the first time he’s spoken on Tip’s response to the documentary:

    “I think the reason he did his little Twitter thing was because when he realized that the movie was coming to completion and going to get seen by people,” Rapaport said. “I can’t really speak for him but I think he got a little nervous. He’s a very protective of the legacy of A Tribe Called Quest and the movie is a very honest depiction of my time with them and the information that I was given in interviews and content.”

    To read the full interview with Rapaport, which includes his hoping that Tip and the rest of Tribe will show up to Sundance, head over to RapFix.