Michael Moore Covers “The Times They Are A-Changing’” For ‘Occupy This Album’

    After directing music videos for Rage Against The Machine, R.E.M. and System Of A Down, left-leaning American author and filmmaker Michael Moore has finally tried his hand at recording a track of his own. 

    Moore covers “The Times They Are A-Changing’,” Bob Dylan’s 1964 protest song, for the forthcoming soundtrack to the Occupy movement, Occupy This Album. Fans will note that this is not Moore’s first flirtation with the track: his 1997 documentary The Big One had also featured a comical impersonation of the song. Needless to say, accompanied by Tom Chapin on guitar and harmonica, Moore takes this latest rendition somewhat more seriously.

    Speaking on Twitter on Friday, Moore explained his involvement: “They had asked me 2 direct a music video of the album. I said,’You don’t want me 2 sing a song?’ They called my bluff & said ‘Yes!Sing!’ Ha!” Moore agreed and joined the 98 other artists who have all thrown their music behind the Occupy movement. The four-disc album also includes Patti Smith, Yoko Ono, David Crosby, Graham Nash, Jackson Browne and Willie Nelson.

    Occupy This Album will be released May 15th by Music For Occupy through Razor & Tie distribution. You can hear Moore’s contribution below and compare it with the version of “The Times They Are A-Changing’” featured in The Big One.