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Michael Jackson's 'Opus' Painting is Creeping People Out

What kind of art did Michael Jackson hang on his walls? The answers to this, and many other questions, are all slowly being revealed in the wake of his death earlier this year. One painting in particular, which is included in his Opus box set and can be seen below, is causing quite a stir.


The picture is of a nearly-nude Jackson surrounded by a group of young, male, naked angels, and was painted by David Nordahl. Apparently Jackson “thought it was great with a little 'tongue-in-cheek' flavor," according to Nordahl, who spoke to the New York Post. The Post’s leading line for the piece? “Thank heaven for little boys.” Nice.


Fortunately, Jackson biographer Ian Halperin is on hand to quash any of those rumors that might arise. "I firmly stand by what I wrote in my bestseller last summer that in no shape or form was Michael a child molester,” he said to PopEater. “He was a victim of ruthless attempts to extort him out of the fortune he worked relentlessly over the years to amass.”


A print of the painting is available in the Michael Jackson Opus box set.



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Michael Jackson

The only people who are creeped out by such a beautiful painting are just plain ignorant! They need to take an art class and open up their small minds!

Michael now you can see your wings, love you always!

Cathy T

Who exactly is being "creeped out" by this painting and why? It's just a fantastical portrait, nothing more. Maybe someone should take an Art Appreciation course.


OMG now people are trying to take what looks like the most innocent piece of art and turn it into something grotesque, how perverted are you guys? Its clearly influenced by Michelango's David amongst other classics. Are they supposed to be bad too? How perverted are you guys? Why can you not believe its possible for someone to love children innocently? Surely only a true pervert would interpret the innocent love of a child to be sexual? Don't judge others by what goes on in your own twisted, sick minds!

BTW, how beautiful is this picture!


Me. I'm creeped out.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/brandon/216_browser_clut.gif brandon

This is a beautiful painting. Why do they think the angels which is what I call them are male? It is similar to the paintings by the classic artists. It is so beautiful. The people who are commenting on the painting obviously know nothing about art. Maybe they should go to the National Art Museum & see paintings by the best artists of all time & see if they think those paintings are "creepy" It is a beautiful painting & to make is seem dirty is from the perverted minds of them. They have the problem not Michael who had paintings & was going to take art classes. I love the painting that is influenced by the classic artist. I cant say enough about the sick critics who have to say something whether they know anything or not & clearly they do not know

/site_media/uploads/images/users/prefix/no-user-pic.gif eorozco

Loved the comments by "Cathy T", "TC" and "Frankie" ... Disregarding all others. Art is art and I (along with billions of others) appreciate it for what it is. Those that interpret hidden, perverted meanings obviously need to pick up and look at the 'Man in the Mirror'.

Anne in Canada

I am not creeped out. Michael Jackson is sexually attracted to young boys. He likes the innocence the purity. I understand. There's nothing wrong with it. Why should love be creepy? In any form? He just loved children. What's wrong with that. Im glad and saddened that only after his death he is being understood and defended.


Well then "brandon", YOU must be creep :) That is merely a beautiful, classically-inspired painting. Nothing more, nothing less. Sick, twisted and jaded minds might like to think otherwise but it is not so. I feel sorry for you.


Ignorance by so called journalists amazes me.... This painting is a homage to William Bouguereau’s Le Printemps (The Return of Spring.. Its exactly the same. And where are the male genitals to suggest these cherubs are male?


I'm actually a lot more creeped out by lpin's comments than I am by this painting.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/nick/461770063_f6a8d92e3a_s.jpg nick

lol--all these posts sound like exactly the same person. someone sure has a bee in her bonnet. it's creepy because MJ is not a symbolic character within an allegorical setting. he was a real human being, a pedophile who made great music, not a member of classical mythology. to imagine himself in this way is a window into his egomania. i wonder why people feel a need to strike out in defending him so.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/longjohn/wing-of-a-roller-smalljpg.jpg longjohn

I wanna know if Michael posed for this and if photos were taken...cause I wanna see THAT work of art.
I see GIRL cherubs, not just boys. So ssssssshhhhh
Note to the artist: Michael has an outie and his manhood would require much more coverage.(So, I guess he didn't pose, bummer)


Nordahl's paintings of MIchael Jackson with children are beautiful. Even more beautiful are MIchael's love for children as depicted in these paintings and also his many, many acts of kindness towards them so that they might enjoy the childhood he never had. Also, he felt children will "Heal the World." In his own life he attributed his creative abilities to not only God, but to the child within him and urged us all to find the child within ourselves to help us find our own creative outlet.


I agree with Frankie. This is a beautiful picture. And why do they keep saying "male naked angels" - there are females there too. And they're ANGELS! What's wrong with people out there? This world is so cynical. Makes me sick. Did they really hate Michael so much that they can't see the difference between innocence and perversion? I guess the eye sees what it wants to see. This painting is innocent just like the original was. Geez!


More creeped out than before.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/brandon/216_browser_clut.gif brandon

Nick Neyland, you are a blithering idiot. You have obviously never stepped foot in an art gallery. If you had, you would know that this art piece is patterned after great works of art from the past. The "naked angels" are cherubs. Google up the Sisteen chapel, you will see them on the ceiling. You are obviously young and do not know you butt from a hole in the ground! Maybe you should do some research before you spew you stupidity on the net.....idiot.

And thats the truth

It's just showing the magical ,fantasy side of Michael that he always spoke about , like children dreaming of being in tairytales.
These paintings are beautiful .


Haha, nick rufflin' feathers!

/site_media/uploads/images/users/mattycakes/Kate+Bush.jpg mattycakes

I can't believe these arguments about David and the Sistine Chapel. Nonsensical.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/brandon/216_browser_clut.gif brandon

i think you meant "sisteen" hahah

/site_media/uploads/images/users/pill/mm_broccolijpg.JPG pill

Who is creeped out? I'm sure not. It looks like a painting to me. I'm sure there are people who would try to read something into it, but that's just narrow minded " I haven't done all my research on Michael Jackson" minds. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that painting, it's beautiful. I only wish I was blessed enough financially to have something like that done.


i would call this painitng "the god of music" i love this art it is a beauty !! and it is soooooo magical, and shows love.....luv MJ 4 what a good person he was and always be no matter if hes dead or alive we will love him and i will keep him in my heart, and all these people talking about him and making up nasty stuff then come on let him finnely rest and stop saying bad things he was a human like all of us and we are all different in our own way and now he aint on earth so just let him rest in peace and let him be happy up there.


Who exactly Is creeped out? Im getting turned on! Dam check out those abs! lol mmmmm ;]


What is with this idiot perverted journalists he is so full of s**t, this painting is not creeping out anyone it is beautiful and I wish I owned it, those angles are female, i don't see any male genitals, what a cruel disgusting thing to bring up allegations about an innocent painting! Nick Nyland you suck and you should not be a journalist/writer, your an idiot.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/prefix/no-user-pic.gif MJJ

Sashapanda LOl I agree with you! lol

/site_media/uploads/images/users/prefix/no-user-pic.gif MJJ

This painting stinks. No way his pecs were that big in real life.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/brandon/216_browser_clut.gif brandon

Why are you people who are soooooooooooo creeped out still looking?

Also, there are female cherubs there too.

All media have to sensationalize everything relating to Michael Jackson it must be part of journalism 101 or something.

The writer does mention that the artist said Jackson considered the painting to have “tongue in cheek” flavor, if that’s true, and the artist should know, then Jackson’s sense of humor must have been astonishing. I never realized that

Tom Joyce

Brandon is right. But Michael did ok!


I've been meaning to pose for a portrait like that myself but just can't find the time. I just too busy either having my nose chiseled down or hosting sleepovers for 10 year olds. Michael was truly amazing. He did it all! And still found time for million dollar shopping sprees and opiate addiction. He's my hero. King of Self Indulgence as well as Pop. When are they gonna erect a Jackson Memorial in DC? Lincoln and Jefferson were great but could they moonwalk? I think not! Michael Jackson wrote some hit songs. He should be idolized for eternity.

Jeff B

OK, a serious question: Are you pro-painting people going to buy the boxed set? Does the fact that it includes the painting make you want it more? And if you do buy the box, what will you do with the print?

/site_media/uploads/images/users/brandon/216_browser_clut.gif brandon

Mr Leyland, you need get a copy of the Opus and take a look at all 400 pages before writing anything about it. You are just cutting and pasting information from the article from the New York Post article and as well as others that derived from it. You haven't even seen the actual book. The "Michael" painting is beautiful, only people with a sick mind would think otherwise.


Eh,anyone can put a glorifying mural on their walls. If that's MJ's thing, so what? If I'm rich, I'll also commission Nordahl to paint Victoria Secret Angels worshiping me. The black cherub looks like the young MJ.
Agree, longjohn, unregistered users = same person.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/tenor/6a00d8341c301153ef0120a6403753970c-450wijpg.jpg tenor

Maybe David Nordahl could do a painting like this of Tiger Woods and his mistresses next....sorry MJ fans I couldn't resist.

This painting is nothing new, it was in the Martin Bashir documentary in 2003 "Living With Michael Jackson". It is shown in the background in the documentary while Martin Bashir is interviewing MJ in his studio I believe.

Personally, I don't like the painting. I feel it is depicting MJ as a white man with white angels. MJ was a black man, he obviously had issues with being black. It's too bad because I thought he was one of the best looking black males who ever walked the earth back in the 1980's before he had multiple rhinoplasties. Hell, he was even hot with his big nose in "The Wiz" The man just had charisma galore. I'm white btw. I also think that Tiger Woods is damn good looking, too bad he f'd up big time. It's too late for MJ but Tiger can still get his act together hopefully.

I was always a fan of MJ and it broke my heart when the allegations occurred. I always wanted him to be successful. I loved his voice, his dancing his music, his cute personality, etc. Unfortunately he was a victim of himself mostly. Since he died I have cried at the tragedy of his life more than once. I sincerely hope his kids are okay. Really I miss that man so much, what happened to him did not have to be. I prefer to remember him back when he was a really beautiful black man. He looked like an angel when he was in his teens and twenties, I did not like his surgically enhanced face at all. I understand one nose job or two, but he went way overboard. A lot of people with ethnic noses, white people, Italian whatever have their noses fixed. That's fine. But to want to change your racial makeup is wrong. MJ didn't seem to understand this. You only need love yourself and be an upstanding member of society and you will be loved for who you are.


What really bothers me is his skin. Noone comments on how odd it was that this man turned white before out eyes. (vitiligo or not). That is more upsetting to me than anything else. He had some serious issues. But other than that his music was amazing.


Yep, another cut and paste from a pretend journalist copying another pretend journalist. Nope, no male cherubs that one can see. Looks like a full frontal of a female though. Nope, MJ wasn't into sex with children. Yep, was into being a father to them. Wasn't gay. Loved women, sang romantic ballads to them and about them (and meant it), talked about them, was seen with them, made love to them. Yep, really had a skin disease that took his brown pigment, really had Lupus that took his hair, made him sensitive to sunlight (hats and umbrellas) and reflecting light (sunglasses). And, there is so much more of the real truth about him that has been obscured by liers and the media for the love of money. But, for the sake of his children, the record needs to be set straight no matter how long it takes.

For a good report on the Michael Jackson Opus from a real journalist check Chris Allen's report in the Los Angeles Times today.


I cant see any males cherubs in the painting!
I can only see a female one!
People can be really stupid! It`s clearly a reference to Michelangelo`s David and others classical portraits of that period.
Get your facts straight people!
BTW, the autopsy reports revealed he really had VITILIGO! Its easy to find this on google. Try to do reasearch before talking s.hit
I never believed he did anything wrong with children. He never said he shared his bed with boys. He said he let his kids and some other kids sleep on his beed sometimes while he slept on the floor on a mattres. He was friends of both Male AND FEMALE kids of ANY age or race. He helped them and made sure they cherished their youth. What`s wrong with that? I slept SO many times with my godson either on a couch or my bed and that doesnt mean Im a pedophile for gods sake!
Why people wanna taint every little thing in this world? What about innocence? What about kindness?
I know Michael was eccentric and a little bit weird in his way, but that was what made him be so f*cking interesting and not boring.
He loved his race. He was proud to be an african american man. He stated this over and over. He left his kids under the care of an african american woman who was the love of his life ( Diana Ross).

Tom- MS

He was a very misunderstood man. It's really annoying to see people posting comments out of ignorance. They haven't looked up the facts and they say stuff without knowing the truth. If you speak without finding out the truth then your argument is invalid. SWB is right on target about the real MJ.


Say what you like about Michael Jackson fans, but they certainly can't spell. Liers!


I am very turned on my this photo, wish it was the real thing, agree with another post that skirt is far to short to cover what Michael was packing..yum


Obviously the author was speaking for himself and a select few. Most people actually do not care for this painting, and are probably just going to brush it off aside and say that ah.. this is another of Michael's funny thing that we mere common folk can never understand... If we question this, then we should ask things like why must the queen of england where a funny hat.. what is wrong with her? Why must we have art? Why must Leornado Da Vinci paint his models almost in the nude, why can't they be fully dressed? And why are paintings of half naked people in the Sistine Chapel.. ITS FREAKING ART... that's why.. so just get over it.


MJJ Lol Its true though! He had such a nice body! Om nom nom!


Get a life people just admit he is awesome


From what I can see, these are male and female. If one wants to find something ugly and distasteful, they can find it in anything. This is art, plain and simple art.


What a stupid, worthless article. Who exactly is being creeped out? Because as far as I know, Michael's FANS bought this Opus book & his FANS have seen this portrait for years now. It's NOT new. Does this author even understand or appreciate art? If he DID, he'd know that this painting is based off of two famous portraits of fine art. What idiots in this world! Get off it -- seriously. Stop trying to allude people that Michael was a pedophile, OK. He wasn't.

Lisa B

I'd say this painting is more narcissistic than creepy. It is definitely creepy too, though. Who fills their house with paintings of himself , and has himself painted in better shape than he ever has been? I no more or less think he was a pedophile than before, but it does hint that he definitely had issues. (Obviously)


Guess you didn't appreciate the comment I posted when this article was published -- it was the FIRST comment. I'll re-post for those who can handle the truth:

1. Take an anatomy class.

2. Take an art appreciation class.

3. Take your mind out of the gutter!


Thanks MiMi.


People will see what they want to see. How can you tell that they are male angels? I saw no penis, did you? The picture doesn't bother me.The last people who ought to be judging someone is that piece of trash call the New York Post. And Ben, people with money can do things like that, he isn't the first. Tell me someone who don't have issues in one way or another. I am not agreeing with Ben, but no one is perfect. No one. The media just isn't in our lives like they were in Michael.


I don't find anything creepy about this painting. Its a beautiful work of art. Very artistic and innocent. Those who think this is creepy must be perverts. Or simply plain jealous that Michael still has a huge fan following. Come on, MJ fans are the normal ones who can see the truth about him. Others, get a life...


why are all the angels white? he only has one little black angel and its on the ground! you can barely see it, nothing wrong with this painting but it just proves on how much of a closet self hatred racist he was.


OMG when are these people gonna give Micheal a break,dont you people think its time to let him be,please leave him alone or suffer the conseqences from God,he is God;s son please leave him alone,peace out.


if this painting was painted 150 years ago, it would of been a normal painting and in fact many people would praise it and not ONE person would say its 'creepie" but we live in a era were people are so mest up in there heads who are ignorant weirdos that for everything that happens they have to make it a sexual, homosexual reference you cant say, hey ima eat a banana without someone saying something retarded and somehow just because you ate a banana your gay. its shameful that no one see's the effect of TV and stupid media that affects us. i Dont see anything weird with this painting, i think its weird how professional news reporter , report idiot stuff like this, please be professional and respectable


I do not see this work of art as creepy what so ever..i is pure innocence and beauty.Michael is our angel of L.O.V.E. he is NOT weird he is NOT a molester!!!! that thought makes me sick to the stomach, to think u people aare still spinning so much crap. get over it!! U R sooooooo wrong!! so shut up!! ur just ignorant, self absorbed, narrow minded fools to even say that nonsence.. dont comment on things u know NOTHING about at all... this painting is pricless. and he was given most of the paintings he had. other peoples interpratations of what and who Michael was to them. i got photos of me in my house, does that make me strange?what u dont have any of u? come on,grow a brain would ya? get a life!! stop doggin an innocent man. didnt ur mother teach u any respect at all?? dont look that way. dont forget buddy he's made it into heaven, u aint there yet.. do u think this type of slander and lies will get u to heaven? what good have u really done for this world? by the looks of things NOTHING!! Ur NOT half the man that MICHAEL JACKSON IS... nor will u ever will be... Just SHUT UP!! "LEAVE MJ ALONE!!!"


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