Michael Jackson’s ‘Opus’ Painting is Creeping People Out

    What kind of art did Michael Jackson hang on his walls? The answers to this, and many other questions, are all slowly being revealed in the wake of his death earlier this year. One painting in particular, which is included in his Opus box set and can be seen below, is causing quite a stir.


    The picture is of a nearly-nude Jackson surrounded by a group of young, male, naked angels, and was painted by David Nordahl. Apparently Jackson “thought it was great with a little ‘tongue-in-cheek’ flavor,” according to Nordahl, who spoke to the New York Post. The Post’s leading line for the piece? “Thank heaven for little boys.” Nice.


    Fortunately, Jackson biographer Ian Halperin is on hand to quash any of those rumors that might arise. “I firmly stand by what I wrote in my bestseller last summer that in no shape or form was Michael a child molester,” he said to PopEater. “He was a victim of ruthless attempts to extort him out of the fortune he worked relentlessly over the years to amass.”


    A print of the painting is available in the Michael Jackson Opus box set.