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Michael Jackson's Hair Used To Make Cologne

A very icky Los Angeles fragrance company called DNA Fragrance has teamed up with John Reznikoff, a guy who owns a lot of celebrity hair, to create a new cologne that is made with strands of Michael Jackson's hair. Before you read that sentence again, yes, this is very gross. 


A bottle of "M," the Jackson-hair fragrance, will run you about $60, but there's no word on what the actual scent will be. Other places have already made wine and boys' underwear jokes, but I think if someone is going to wear a cologne made out of a dead guy's hair, it should smell like shame. "M" will be out in early 2010. [Spinner]

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Michael Jackson


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what is wrong with these ppl????? how sick can they be???? sh%t!!!


Shame on that person, he should try making a MJ clothing line instead, My guess is that it would sell much better than that cheap shot cologne. I think it is an insult to Michael Jackson's memory. Some people can be so cruel, Michael Jackson was a kind person, and all some people did was make fun of him and talked mean about him.

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his hair is always stylish ,i love him


Michael was a kind person that did a lot to make this world better, a true humanitarian that never got the praise that deserved.

Instead his been mocked due to his vulnerability which made him a target of unscrupulous people that wanted to make money.

Read the legal reports and the truth, not the tabloids.

As someone who is friends w someone who was very close to him, I can tell you he was a very clean, well kept person. A delight to have around. A dandy and a refined gentleman who was very much hetero. He could have given a master class to so many neanderthals out there that brag about their female conquests, how tacky!

This so called "perfume" of dubious origins is disrespectful to one of the kindest and nicest people in the history of humankind...


omg, dont they ever give up!!!!!


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