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Michael Jackson's Family Divided Over Funeral Arrangements

Oh, Joe Jackson. First you exercise massive and oppressive control over your son's early career, and now you insist on doing it again in death? According to Perez Hilton, the Jackson Family is at odds over how to truss up (or not, as the case may be) their son's funeral and memorial. Joe Jackson and Michael's brothers are vying for an open casket funeral, which would be driven through the streets where fans can then toss floral arrangements on to Michael's casket. Katherine Jackson on the other hand, along with her daughters Janet and LaToya, are much more in favor of a closed casket arrangement at Los Angeles' Staples Center, where the only posh and glamour would lie in a sequined glove and black fedora to rest on top of Michael's casket. [PerezHilton]

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Michael Jackson

I absolutely love Micheal jackson and truely feel the media is cruel and unfeeling. If we could all learn to love again, I believe the world would be a happier and safer palce to be. Wish I could be there for the service in person, instead I will watch it on TV while working.
Rest in peace M J

stephanie west

i think they should do the open casket ceromony because i think his fans deserve to see him and after words have a private 1 for the whole family


no open casket - let him be remembered as he was last seen or remember by your favorite time that you saw him - why gawk at a person who is now at peace


They need to do an open casket...I understand Michael is family...BUT Michael also belonged to his fans. We deserve to see him one last time.

Open casket

I think it should stay closed, we have to respect the family's decision. After all,it was their son and brother. We still have the memories.


I have no words, i'm just sad, and really feel for the children, they have lost their Dad
R.I.P Michael


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