Michael Jackson turns 50

    Today is Michael Jackson’s 50th birthday, and to celebrate, I’ve included a relic from a time when he wasn’t known as an eccentric freak, “Rock With You.”


    A lot of publications have been taking a look back at Jackson’s storied pop career (and even more storied career as a possible pedophile), but none is more intriguing than the Daily Mail’s “Is this what Michael Jackson should really look like,” in which write J Randy Taraborrelli illuminates what Jackson’s life is like now (in a word: shitty) and features a picture of rendered by a “professional” of what Jackson’s face would look like if he didn’t have all that plastic surgery. (Pictured here)

    According to Taraborrelli, Jackson has begun to regret all the nose jobs, but still feels like he made the right choice to look younger:


    “I don’t know what I was thinking back then,” Jackson said. “Everyone makes mistakes when they’re young, I guess. But I still look OK, don’t I? I mean, for 40?”


    To read the story, and see other pictures, click here. [Daily Mail via Stereogum]