Michael Jackson Trial Resuming, Doctor To Claim Jackson Killed Himself

    Here’s your obligatory Michael Jackson death trial update: The trial is set to start up again this week, after close to a week of suspension, as Conrad Murray’s defense team readies its case. According to basically every reporter covering the story, Murray’s defense team is going to allege that Jackson took the fatal dose of Propofol on his own, when Murray was out of the room, and Murray just did the stuff he’s accused of–hiding a syringe, cleaning up before the EMTs got there–out of respect to Jackson. However, there is a potential bombshell lurking out there: Apparently there is a “new” blood test, and it says that Jackson didn’t take enough of the pills to kill himself that Murray said Jackson did. 

    So, that’s where we’re at. Let’s all talk about Occupy Wall Street instead. [CBS]