Michael Jackson Trial Experiences “Bombshell” Evidence

    Here’s your obligatory post recapping all the crazy comings and goings of the trial of Conrad Murray, the doctor accused of involuntary manslaughter in the death of Michael Jackson. The trial was expected to wrap up today (Friday), but thanks to some new evidence introduced late yesterday, the trial might stretch into next week, as Murray’s people introduced some bombshell new evidence: Apparently Murray’s defense team found a doctor–Paul White–who created a simulation of the effects of propofol–the drug that killed Jackson–and according to his highly scientific results and software program, Jackson might have killed himself.

    So what does this mean for outcome of the trial? Well, maybe nothing, as the jury might not be able to understand the simulation, or the prosecution might come back on Monday and eviscerate the evidence. But basically it means that the trial will stretch on even longer.

    Murray’s contention that he didn’t kill Jackson, and that Jackson injected himself, has been at the center of the case since the beginning, and his currently wrapping defense has stayed the course on that. We’ll see what the jury thinks soon. [Billboard]