Miami Rappers Gloat About Lebron Signing

    One of the weirder elements of this year’s NBA free agent land grab has been how often rappers are injecting themselves into the proceedings. There was Jay-Z in New Jersey, some rapper named Barack Obama trying to get Lebron to go to the Bulls, Fat Joe working with the Knicks, and now that Lebron has signed to Miami*, every Miami rapper (from DJ Khaled and Rick Ross) have blown up their Twitter feeds with tumescent posts about how a million dollar sports team, that they have literally no stake in apart from living in the same town, is basically the shit now. I feel for the people of Cleveland: All they have is Kid Cudi, and I’m doubting he even likes the Cavs. I bet he’s a Sacramento Kings fan. {MTV]  



    *- I realize that I’m not qualified to comment on sports, or basketball in particular, being that I haven’t watched a full NBA game since Jordan’s last game with the Bulls, but like Bill Simmons said yesterday, how can Lebron claim he’s solely interested in winning rings if he signs with Miami? In Chicago he’d be the last piece of the puzzle, but in Miami, they’ll be having a starting five of Lebron, Chris Bosh, Dwayne Wade, Mario Chalmers and a janitor. Because that’s all who they’ll be able to afford. In Chicago, however, Lebron would have had Derrick Rose, Joakim Noah (and his crustache), Carlos Boozer, Luol Deng and a bunch of young guys to run with. They could have crushed people.