M.I.A. Wrote “Sexodus” For Madonna

    M.I.A. is set to release her fourth album “Matangi” next month and is stirring up major interest in one of the tracks. “Sexodus”, which features Canadian R&B sensation, was originally written for the Queen Of Pop, Madonna.

    “I actually played that song to Madonna when I wrote it and said, ‘Oh, you can have this,'” she told The Guardian newspaper: “She gave it back to me.”

    The pair worked together before on “Give Me All Your Luvin” and performed at the Super Bowl. M.I.A was interested in the legendary singer’s take on the song’s concept of “When you have it all, what should you do with it?”

    M.I.A disagreed with Madonna’s “You spend it!” response, but also stated that “Madonna is true to Madonna. She always said she was a material girl.”

    “Sexodus” will drop with “Matangi” in November.