M.I.A. Working on Kala Follow-Up with Diplo, Switch

    Even though M.I.A. hit us all up with some bamboo bombast since 2007, from getting pregnant, to being nominated for a Grammy, and just generally being M.I.A. it definitely doesn’t feel like she’s disappeared at all.


    That’s why it felt like sort of a treat when Diplo revealed in an interview with Pedestiran.tv, that he and producer Switch are already at work with M.I.A. on her next album. “Been in the studio with M.I.A. working on her new record. It’s like Gucci Mane meets Animal Collective. I think there are a couple of people [producing], but we’re going to finish it off, me and Switch. We’ve done like four tracks already,” said Diplo.


    Just set aside the sonic ramifications of that idea, and consider for a moment; will song titles include “Back to the Leaf Trap House,” or “My Kitchen Girls”? Cross your fingers and pray.