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M.I.A. unretires for Diesel Party

M.I.A.’s quickly becoming the Brett Favre of indie: after some premature rumblings, she’s completely unretired now. M.I.A.’s breaking the promise that her Bonnaroo performance was her last: On October 11, she will be taking the stage along with Hot Chip and N.E.R.D. at Brooklyn’s Pier 3 for a Diesel xXx-sponsored show.


Diesel xXx has events taking place around the world with aritsts like Cool Kids, New Young Pony Club, Bonde Do Role, and many others, and New York, which has a “Rock and Roll Circus” theme, is the final event.


Now all that’s left for M.I.A. to do is to go out and throw a few picks to the New England Patriots, I mean Hot Chip. 

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I really hope the whole retirement thing is B.S. She's really good live.

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M.I.A retirement = sadness

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i will never forgive myself for quoting nylon magazine but here goes...from the oct issue:

"Under the umbrella of NEET, she is producing 17-year-old rap star Rye Rye's debut album, as well as recording herself. 'I know! Everyone is like, 'She's retired!' she says, addressing her announcement this summer that the Bonnaroo music festival would be her last show. 'I'm not retired; I actually feel like someone has given me shock treatment and brought me back to life!'"

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