M.I.A. Takes Over Pitchfork’s Twitter, All Caps Insanity Ensues

    While the Twitter of the guys over at Pitchfork is usually just used to bring attention to their new features and reviews, today they handed over the reigns to Maya Arulpragasam, better known as M.I.A., one of the Twitterverse’s most engaging voices.


    In the short time she’s been in control she’s upped the all-caps content of the site’s Twitter account about 500%, but she’s also invited fans to suggest names for her new album, released the new disc’s track list, and posted the cover for the debut album Treats from buzz band Sleigh Bells, which will be released May 11 jointly via M.I.A.’s NEET imprint and Mom + Pop Records.


    If Maya keeps up at this clip, there’s really no reason not to follow this throughout the day. Check the new album’s tracklist below. [Pitchfork]


    1. “The Message”

    2. “Born Free”

    3. “Meds and Feds”

    4. “Lovealot”

    5. “Tequilla” [sic]

    6. “It Is What It Is”

    7. “XXXO”

    8. “Tell Me Why”

    9. “Story Told”

    10. “Space”