M.I.A. Set to Release Politically Charged New Song

    Jan Jananayagam is an independent British candidate in the forthcoming European Parliament elections, which will take place on June 4-7. Jananayagam has been lobbying the British government to help stop the war in Sri Lanka—an issue that M.I.A. has been very vocal about in the past.

    Her support for Jananayagam looks set to be immortalized in a song, which will be available to Londoners who vote for the candidate. It’s not yet clear what the song is called or how it will be distributed to voters, but it will inevitably leak online once M.I.A. has made it available.

    M.I.A. has also issued a fresh batch of lyrics via a MySpace blog post, although it’s not yet clear whether these will feature on the new track:

    “so u wanna hear about my politics?
    well i can show u things that can make u sick
    theres a saterlite above me thats takin picks
    the people from the east hav started sendin migs
    and im sat in America doin twitts
    and the armys lookin at me like im a bitch
    but im thinking bout the babies lyin in the ditch
    thinking if they had a kite fone u ll see the shit”